The Later Life

The Myth of Single Happiness

There are few people who plan to spend their entire life without a partner, but it does occur to those who are waiting for just the right person to come along. They often date when they are younger, but their lack of success can convince them they will spend their entire life alone. There are those who find that happiness is the ability to live without another person, but many of them simply fashion a life that appears to make them happy because they have not found someone special.

Learning to Live Alone

While there are any number of people who live with their parents until they find a partner, those who are destined to wait for their special someone to come along often move out when they become adults. Some of them do stay home until their parents have passed on, and they continue their life with few changes. For all of them, living alone is one of the things they must cope with if they are to survive. Emotional happiness is not necessarily part of their routine, but they will learn how to take care of their everyday necessities without a partner. It is a lonely life, but friends and family can help them fill the hours.

Clubs and Hobbies

For those who continue to wait for the right person to come along, there are still nights and weekends of time they must fill. Joining clubs or becoming interested in new hobbies are ways to help them adjust to being single. It gives them an opportunity to be social with others who are interested in the same thing, and it might even lead them to meet the person they have been seeking all their life. Even if they still do not meet the right person, they have at least had a chance to be with others. It might not make their life as complete as finding the one, but at least they will be able to relate to others.

Finally Finding That Special One

A lifetime of being single is often a lonely and unfulfilling way to live, and those who are lucky will eventually find a life partner. Even if they are well into retirement, there is still a chance to meet someone who will make their days and nights feel brighter and warm. They might meet them through friends, relatives or even while engaging in a hobby. It does not matter how they meet if both of them are interested in a relationship, and their happiness will be the cure for life’s ills as they learn to fashion a life together. Loneliness will become a forgotten memory if they can form a workable relationship.

For those who feel smothered in their relationship, the fantasy that living alone for a lifetime brings happiness is more of a myth than a reality. Those who have yet to find a partner can find many ways to fill the hours, but they are still searching for that special someone. Their happiness comes in many forms, but their dream is to finally find that special someone who will share their life with them.