The Later Life

Partners with Grown Up Children

When two people begin their lifetime relationship, raising a family is often a large part of their plans. They look forward to their family even as they begin the search for a home and move in together. The two of them will talk about how they will raise their children, the names they will give them, and some of them plan out their entire childhood before they are even born. The years they are busy raising their children are filled with joy, laughter and tears, but it everything will change as soon as their children are old enough to begin life on their own.

Avoid Empty Nest Syndrome

Over the past few decades, psychologists have warned couples that focusing only on their children is a good way to end up divorced when the children leave. It is called empty nest syndrome because two people who planned a life together suddenly find they have nothing in common after the children are grown, and their lack of occupation can cause them to feel they need a major life change. To combat this, mental health professionals have urged parents to have a date night every week to keep in touch with each other and enjoy being adults together.

The Changing Pace of Life

No matter what age the children are, they often spur a household into a high energy state. They are the center of their world, and their needs always seem to be the most important consideration. Add to this the fact that it takes time to teach them not to leave everything to the last minute, and the pace of life is a fast one for their parents. Seeing to the needs of their children pushes them to live their life in the fast lane, but a home without children gives them the opportunity to slow down their pace. Some of them might find it is difficult to relax after the years of hustle and bustle, but others will be able to adjust rapidly. Both partners need to find and match their pace for a successful relationship to continue.

Embarking on a New Lifestyle

People are choosing to wait to marry and begin families today, and many of them are near retirement age as their children are finishing school and leaving home. While they might have originally planned to relax with a hobby or travel when they retired, many have discovered they are not quite ready to settle into rocking chairs at the local retirement home. Today’s parents are looking into new careers and opening small businesses as their main career is over, and they have become the energetic ones who look forward to going to work every morning. It is a different lifestyle than that dreamed of by their parents and even them, but it has become a more popular lifestyle over the last few decades.

There are really no rules when it comes to keeping a relationship going through the many changes life offers, but staying connected no matter what phase of life has become a recognized way to have a better chance for success. Couples who adjust to the change of pace together can continue to have a successful relationship, and even those who have decided they are not ready for retirement can find a new life together.