The Later Life

The Single Parent and Socialising

Whenever a relationship ends for any reason, there is always a time of adjustment to being newly single. Those without children seem to have an easier time, and it is largely due to the fact that offspring of any age take up a great deal of time. They have schooling and activities, but children can also become ill and need the attention of their parent at any time. For single parents, dating often ends up at the end of their list of things to do.

Relating to other adults

Single parents sometimes find it difficult to switch mental gears from child rearing to adult activities because their focus is very narrow, and their children offer little in the way of adult conversational topics. They find that relating to other adults is difficult unless they are in the same situation, so many of them find friends who understand their current lifestyle. It is much easier to relate to someone else who has to deal with the constant questions as well as the need to constantly repeat things that children require to grow into productive adults. Homework, ethical questions and even the need to dress like the other kids is all part of a parent’s normal day. Those who do not have to face such situations are often dismissive to the conversation of those who do it on a daily basis.

Finding time to date

A good day lasts more than five minutes, and parents with children can seldom find the time to date. Even if they do manage to have a few hours alone, many of them are concerned that getting into a relationship with another adult will not be good for their children. Some of them believe they are taking away the security their children need, and others are concerned a new adult will cause resentment. They might spend some time with old friends, but dating is not generally a high priority for them.

Becoming socialised again

Once a single parent sees their children are old enough to be on their own for at least limited amounts of time, they then can feel ready to date. Most of them are hesitant because they feel they have lost their social skills, but there are ways to overcome these fears.

Being a parent is never easy, and those who are without a partner will find it an even complex path to navigate as they do their best to survive. They will have to make serious choices, and many of them will choose to give up their chance at love to focus on raising their children. For those who are ready to begin again, there is help available.